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Kathleen's YouTube Membership

As a member of Kathleen's YouTube channel, you will get the following perks!    Community Squad Exclusive access to loyalty badges in comments and live chat  New-member badge: Month 1 badge:  Month 2 badge:  Month 6 badge:  Month 12 badge:  Month 24 badge: Custom emojis like:   Facebook Group Access to our private Facebook community where you can share likeminded posts. Instructions:   Instagram Community Positivity or Growth. VIP's of 6 months or more get a chance to be in a pod with Kat  Instructions:   Special Discounts to Lights Label and Lights Lacquer    

$5.00 Off Code

As promised, Kathleen wants to give all of her members a discount while Cafecito is on hiatus. Enter your details below so that we can cross-check our list and send you your individual code.